4D3 by CHAD MIZE on display June / July 2017 at
Leslie Curran Gallery /// 1431 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, FL

The concept for this exhibit is that each piece is based on a time of art making in my 43 years.

1978 APPLE
1989 MUSIC
1991 EYES
2001 FRO
2016 COLOR
2017 PRIDE


APPLE (1978)
Aerosol & Resin on Wood

My first documented drawing was of an apple tree in 1978. That memory has always stuck with me. The apple of life. The start of my artistic journey.

This piece is a fusion of that childhood memory and my gratitude of technology, A.K.A. my iPhone and Mac. #onceyougomacyounevergoback



Aerosol on Wood

Growing up, I have fond memories of my dad instructing me with wood working tools in the garage, and watching my mother sew quilts.

Both of these activities attribute to my current pattern art, as well as the start of my techniques and design.



DOODLE (1986)
Aerosol & Oil Pen on Wood Chair

This style is my truest form of art. I go into a subconscious state when creating this style.

I started doodling like this at the age of 12. Symbols of peace, love and togetherness have remained true over the last 30 years.



MUSIC (1989)
Mixed Media

Music is my main inspiration. Whenever I’m creating, I love to listen to an eclectic mix of music. These are some of the top cassettes that inspired my work at an early age.

Commissions available. Pick your top 25 albums.



EYES (1991)
Acrylic & Oil Pen on Wood

When I was in high school, I ran for vice president of the Student Council. My campaign slogan was “OPEN YOUR EYES AND VOTE FOR MIZE.”

I made hundreds of Sharpie™ x Poster Board eye balls to hand out for people to wear. #eyewon



FRO (2001)
Oil Pen on Wood

In 2001, my very first art exhibit was called FRO, and was a series of cartoon works inspired by the afro hairstyle.

I was going through an early 2000s soul phase, listening to a lot of music inspired by soul and funk.

The vibe of the afro will always remind me of the old Bluelucy days, just starting to create a vibe, brand and energy.



TWIGGY (2003)
Acrylic on Wood

When I first moved to St. Pete in 2003, I was inspired by the kitsch vibe that was still around at that time. Old hotel signs, thrift shops and businesses with a 50s/60s vibe.

Twiggy somehow came to mind.

I started doing paintings of her, which later led to a large scale mural in the 600 Block alley. She has been a true inspiration to my art throughout the years. #thoseeyes



Aerosol on Wood

In 2010, I was traveling in LA and saw a t-shirt that said Paris, London, Tokyo, Torrance. I thought by adding St. Pete instead of Torrance, the cities all became artistic/desirable destinations in the world.

I started making a few prints and selling them at Bluelucy Gallery, then reluctantly did a small run of t-shirts. Suddenly it became a hit. My biggest hit.

What makes this design special is that it uplifts our city and is desirable to both local residents who love St. Pete and tourists alike. #worldtrip



MAKE TIME (2012)
Aerosol & Resin on Wood

MAKE TIME has been a mantra of mine since the Bluelucy Gallery days. With running a gallery, I was determined to curate as many exhibits there as I possibly could, knowing that I would one day not have the space. I MADE TIME.

I like the idea of word art that may be a call to action or a reminder. Now I need to make time for that bike ride & a slice of pizza.



COLOR (2016)
Aerosol on Wood

I love viewing and photographing the St Petersburg sunsets. This piece is inspired by the colors that transpire during our summer sunsets with a little Mary J. #sativasunset



PRIDE (2017)
Acrylic on Wood

I am proud to live in a time and place where we are free to be whomever we want.

Growing up, I used my art of humor and caricature to deflect who I was sexually.

Now I feel like I can be open and true to who I really am, and use my art to help spread pride & acceptance in being LGBTQ.