DARK/SPACE is a celebration of art and artists that delves into the shadows of punk, metal, horror, and sci-fi subcultures, where the beauty and magic of dark imagery becomes a powerful means of inspiration and self-expression.

Gritty, grimy, gooey or maybe even grotesque, this exhibition brings together a group of talented artists who find solace in the unconventional and use their creativity as a unique tool for connection.

Purposely loose in both name and theme to present each artist with a boundless platform for them to present their work, this is a show for the rest of us … the ones who see the light shining through the DARK/SPACE.

Featuring the works of: Jacob Bannon, Brian Butler, Austin Buchanan, Ashley Cantero, Jenipher Chandley, Dea & Saint, Deezyweethereaper, Demigod, Scott Durfee, Defenz Mechanizm, Dysfunctional Grace, Alex Heir, Heinz Hinrichs, Deidra Kling, Rebekah Lazardis, Cake Marques, Bryan Nichols, Ali Norman, Nat Pagan, Palehorse, Josh Poll, Calan Ree, Missy Roll, Michelle Sawyer, Jeff Srsic, Veronica Steiner, Twohornsunited, Bailey Werling, Jeff Williams, And Olmy Wyze.

Curated by Michelle Tannu and Chad Mize.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 2023, 7-11PM

Opening featured food trucks (NAH DOGS and HUGGERS FOOD TRUCK) and drinks by ST PETE DISTILLERY.

DJ REPETE provided the tunes.



CONTACT Chad Mize for purchase. 727-251-8529 info@chadmize.com






Jacob Bannon
Artist, designer, musician, author
Co-founder and vocalist of the metal band, Converge
Co-founder of the record label and distributor, Deathwish, Inc.

When I was young, I discovered some paintings my father had painted. The day I found those is likely when my imagination started to race on its own. When I was 11-12, I became obsessed with the vibrant artwork of the skateboard, BMX, and metal music cultures. I've been hooked ever since.

I started painting and drawing in a serious manner since I was 13 or so. I did this until I enrolled in college in 1994. In school, I abandoned the "Fine Art" exclusive approach and enrolled in the Design Program to broaden my horizons.

I don't consider myself a traditional musician/artist/writer. I see those definitions as a bit limiting. "Life" artist makes the most sense to me, as I see all of my creative outlets to be linked together, coming from the same place internally.

My work is primarily mixed media, combining cut/paste collage, photography, video, ink/spray, and more mediums. It is rooted in traditional cut/paste with a fine art mindset. In the last few years, I have been moving into abstract work, focusing on making kinetic/vibrant pieces.





All We Love We Leave Behind: Sadness Comes Home
36" x 24" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock

All We Love We Leave Behind: Trespasses
36" x 24" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock

Destroyer Of Worlds
Exclusive DARK|SPACE Colorways
Japanese Kanji reads: “I have become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds”
36" x 18" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock





Jane Doe
Mixed Media Prints on Arches Watercolor Paper
Edition of 100 total (last editions exclusive to DARK|SPACE)





DSM-5: Crawl To Light
36" x 36" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
Open Edition

DSM-5: Emotional Efficiency
36" x 36" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
Open Edition

DSM-5: Archaic Belief
36" x 36" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
Open Edition

DSM-5: Soulless Machine
36" x 36" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
Open Edition




Bride of Frankenstein
44" x 58" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
1 of 1 in this size

Frankenstein's Monster
44" x 58" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
1 of 1 in this size

Gather & Mourn
44" x 44" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
Open Edition

44" x 44" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock
1 of 1





Axe To Fall: Dark Horse: Alternate
36" x 18" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock

Axe To Fall: Losing Battle
36" x 18" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock

Axe To Fall: Cruel Bloom
36" x 18" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock

The Dusk In Us: 05: I Can Tell You About Pain
36" x 18" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock

The Dusk In Us: 08: Murk & Marrow

The Dusk In Us: 14: Bramble & Thorns
36" x 18" Giclee Print on 315 GSM Coarse Watercolor Stock







Alexander Heir 
Artist, designer, musician
Founder of Death/Traitors clothing brand
Vocalist of the punk band, L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation

Brooklyn-based artist and musician, Alexander Heir has created one of the defining aesthetics of the contemporary underground music scene, through more than 17 years of design and printing work for countless international punk and metal artists.

For those who truly crave the transgressive, Heir’s work will connect immediately. His work has graced the albums, singles, and flyers of highly regarded artists such as The Mob, Martin Rev of Suicide, Warthog, and John Carpenter, and his commission work includes ephemera for horror films, It Follows and The Puppet Man.

Similarly, his clothing brand Death/Traitors?has become a counterculture staple, reaching beyond the hardcore punk community, while still embracing its values. Members of Blink 182, Three Six Mafia, Fucked Up, and Odd Future have all been known to support the brand.

In addition to his design and commission work, Heir also fronts the?industrial punk band L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation and has a prolific artistic practice of personal work. Heir has exhibited around the world, including solo shows at Boo-Hooray in New York City, in support of his books, Death Is Not the End and WARRR2k∞ // Work 2014-2017.

Heir's art has all the prominent elements of 50 years' worth of subversive underground culture. Somewhere between Japanese wood cuts and Russian prison tattoos, this is the kind of art that gets kids in trouble with their parents. His morbidity, which is blended with a sick humorous quality, has a penchant for the bizarre taboo, and a raw, physical compulsion has allowed him to achieve such delightfully confounding imagery. Referencing an eclectic cache of dark symbols in his unapologetically graphic style, he has created a stunning and recognizable collection of work.

Expanding upon war, police brutality, political corruption, and death as his canon of punk subject matter, his latest work brings sci-fi and psychedelia influences into the fold, blending them with his impeccable design aesthetic and signature sense of twisted playfulness.




The Collector

Illustration for Penthouse article: "Dark Gig: Inside the Business of Murderabilia” (March/April 2019)
Colored pencil on paper




Tattoo Flash

Mixed media on paper




Quarantined By A Virus

Cover illustration for the artist's techno project, Military Scientist
Acrylic gouache on paper




Say Hello

Illustration for split EP for Swedish band, Infernöh and NYC band, Nomad
Ink on paper





Flyer illustration for Japanese band, Crossfaith
Ink on paper




Warthog Heads

T-shirt illustration for NYC band, Warthog
Mixed media on paper




Time Runs Out For The Human Race

T-shirt illustration for the artist's brand, Death/Traitors
Ink on paper




Roll The Dice

T-shirt design for Australian band, Enzyme
Ink on paper




Larry With Guitar

Poster and t-shirt illustration for NYC band, Warthog
Ink on paper




Time Runs Out For The Human Race II

T-shirt illustration for the artist's brand, Death/Traitors
Ink on paper




As I Am You Are / As I Was You Were

T-shirt illustration for the artist's brand, Death/Traitors
Ink on paper









In 2013, the creative team of Chad Mize, Casey Paquet, and Joanna Coblentz hosted DARK ARTS: Creep St Pete Local Exhibit at Station Number Three here in South St Pete. Almost 10 years later to the day, Chad Mize continues the tradition with DARK|SPACE, a celebration of artists who find solace in the unconventional and who see light through the darkness.

In loving memory of Casey Paquet




Skull created in 2013 for
DARK ARTS: Creep St Pete Local Exhibit
Casey Paquet (1977-2018)

Wood on wood panel





Reverse 8 Ball Skull created in 2017
Mark Noll (1963-2023)

Carved Aramith Pool Ball

St. Petersburg Artist Mark Noll was a multitalented artist who worked across various media. An enduring part of his art was the skull, which he carved smaller and smaller.

In loving memory of Mark Noll





Beneath the Remains
Jeff Srsic

Oil on Canvas


By examining the intricate details and unique features of the skull, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and beauty of the human body. I find that looking at things from a different angle can really help gain a better understanding of a subject. It's always fascinating to discover something new and unexpected, and taking a different approach to familiar topics can be a refreshing change of pace.




Artifacto Vashion

Found Objects


DemiGod created this dark and edgy wallpiece that can be displayed as a wallhanging, or worn as a necklace. It channels the mystical allure of the creatures of the night, and its intricate design captures the mystical spirit of darkness and will add an air of mystery to any decor, or ensemble.




The Castle, Ybor
Rebekah Lazaridis

Prismacolor Pencil on black cardstock in vintage frame





Scott Durfee






Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right
Jeff Williams

Enamel on wood


Hand cut and painted tribute to legendary tattooer Dan Higgs. Higgs was a pioneer of TATTOO pulling from the boldly lined and dark shaded American traditional style but with a new approach incorporating the occult and unusual enigmatic designs. This Druid is a representation of our fear of the unknown and the power that we give the things that we do not understand. There’s beauty in the shadows when you aren’t afraid of the DARK.




Bringer of Darkness
Josh Poll



Darkness, dark arts, & dark art is an expression of self some rarely visit, some visit often and others live daily. Dark space is felt & acknowledged on these grounds. This glass piece represents a new way of expression for myself. Bringing together singular elements, from timeless tales, telling a story, inviting interpretation.




Ali Norman

Intaglio, watercolor





The Gentleman
Cake Marques

Oil on Panel


The ghostly gentleman sips his tea, so delicate and refined,
In the moon's eerie glow, he's the last of his kind.
A porcelain cup in spectral hand he grasps,
As memories of life through centuries past.
Invisible fingers stir the tea with grace,
He chuckles softly in this spectral place.
As the old gentleman ghost sips his tea so sweet,
He contemplates the tricks he's yet to complete.
In the world of spirits, his mischief shall abide,
An old ghostly gentleman reluctant to pass
on to the other side.




Ripes of Spring
Bailey Werling

Mixed Media


What’s a vampire’s favorite fruit? A necktarine.




Compassionate Protector

Engraved & Painted
Wooden Bat


Like silent sentinels of serenity, the guardian giants of Thailand's temples stand tall with hearts of compassion. Their towering presence not only shields sacred sanctuaries but also embraces all who seek refuge, offering a timeless reminder that protection can be both mighty and tender, a testament to the enduring spirit of kindness.





Enamel & Acrylic on Panel


As you gaze upon this captivating work of art depicting Yamantaka, the 'Slayer of Death' in Tibetan Buddhism, you're instantly immersed in a labyrinth of symbolism, energy, and cosmic wisdom. Each stroke and hue weaves a tapestry that transcends time and space, beckoning you into a dimension where life and death, form and formlessness, merge into one.





Hand Embellished Foil


Lord Garuda, a symbol of divine enlightenment and protector of the righteous, is often seen as a conduit of divine creativity and wisdom, channeling the boundless imagination of the celestial into the minds of humanity.

Unframed screen prints also available at merch table:
Embellished: $250ea.
Unembellished: $108ea.




Ashley Cantero





Madre De La Locura
Ashley Cantero

Acrylic on Wood Panel


“Electric blood,
 Runs through her veins
 Eyes dark and wild,
 She can’t be tamed
 Words in riddles
 Encrypted mind
 Flirts with the stars
 They tell her she’s divine”




Ashley Cantero

Acrylic on Canvas

She Splits
Ashley Cantero

Acrylic on Wood Panel

Ashley Cantero

Acrylic on Canvas






Haunted Roadside
Brian Butler

Flag on board


This is the Haunted Mansion colorway of a roadside artwork I made celebrating the iconic orange Rt. 1 t-rex in Saugus, MA. The graphic is presented on a souvenir pennant as a nod to the gift shop's role in back-road legend-building. As roadside wonders disappear in favor of new development, I wonder if a spirit is left in their void. Not unlike the fossil remains of prehistoric time. Is that spirit capable of haunting or possession? I certainly hope so. The road is so boring without the oddball spice of outsider kitsch.




“This Too Shall Pass” Zoetrope
Heinz Hinrichs x Palehorse


The zoetrope is an early form of animation device invented in the 19th century, demonstrating the concept of persistence of vision, the phenomenon in which the human eye retains an image for a brief moment after it disappears.

The ouroboros, generally a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, has been a powerful and enduring symbol in human history across various cultures and mythologies, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Together, this work looks to showcase the idea that life is a continuous process of renewal and regeneration, and a reminder of the cyclical, limitless, and interconnected nature of our existence. We are all one.

Zoetrope design and construction by Heinz Hinrichs

Illustration and animation by Palehorse

In loving memory of Casey Paquet





Scott Durfee

A Self Healing Time for Me Finding Me!

My present journey is a reflection back utilizing creations from the past to find inspiration for a flourishing momentum forward!

Sorry right now it SCARY!

Thought It's Perfect Timing For Halloween!






Satan's Son, I'm Born of Fire!
Austin Buchanan

Slayer on Acrylic

From The Front Row. NOT from behind the barricades. This is where I live! With the weight of 20,000 screaming SLAYER fans on my back, after hours in the brutal sun just to get the right spot. This isn't about photography...it's about my LOVE for the music. The happy accidents are a few killer shots like this one of Tom Araya from SLAYER as they perform their last show ever in Tampa, Florida on May 10, 2019. Just months before the end of the world as we knew it.




Untitled 1 and Untiled 2
Olmy Rosenstock

Mixed Media on Wood





Scott Durfee





Deidra Kling
The Last Mask
Photography printed on aluminum

Deidra Kling
Hiding Despair
Photography printed on aluminum

Deidra Kling
Empress Rising
Photography printed on aluminum






Mermaid's Purse
Calan Ree



Growing up in Long Island, I did a lot of beach combing. Among the shells and sea weed were other things that both fascinated and frightened me. One appeared to be the remains of some sort of alien sea beetle: black and leathery with spindly horns or legs on both ends...very odd. Adults said they were "mermaid's purses" but they seemed too small to me. Others said they were what mermaids hatched from. I didn't know what to make of them. They were too creepy to take home but too beautiful not to pick up and investigate. It turns out they were indeed egg casings, most likely for a type of ray or skate fish which honestly are even more alien once they hatch. This piece is inspired by the "mermaid's purse". For me it represents the mysteries of16 the ocean, and our ability to be awed by the natural world. It also represents my personal fascination with oddities and the unknown.




Low Tide
Calan Ree






Mermaid's Purse Minis
Calan Ree






Deezy Wee The Reaper

Acrylic on lambskin leather


In my journey learning how to paint I grew fond of turning my clothing into canvas. Taking my elaborate and colorful character design from paper to fabric has been a fun and insightful challenge.



Nose Candy
Deezy Wee The Reaper

Acrylic & India Ink on Canvas


From crusty demons and creatures with memorizing color palettes, to characters bearing almost human like Expression. My art embodies my imagination and every inspiration that filters through my eyes and onto my canvas.



Nat Pagan

Linoleum block print,
oil based ink on paper


“You’ll join us someday…”

These are the words Enoch spoke to the children as they left Pottsfield, knowing that one day their last day on earth would bring them back to the eerie little town full of skeletons dawning their vegetables for the harvest festival.

This print serves as a fantastical Momento Morí piece, an homage to the Cartoon Network limited series Over The Garden Wall. The layout for the piece was inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Seven Deadly Sins, with each of the corner circles echoing the original themes of death, heralding the end, heaven and hell.



Resilience Unveiled
Jenipher Chandley

Menstrual Blood


In my painting, "Resilience Unveiled," I explore the profound journey of healing and self-protection in the face of disheartenment and emotional wounds. This artwork is an expression of my personal experience, a testament to the strength and resilience that can emerge from adversity.

The use of menstrual blood as the primary medium serves as a powerful symbol of the cyclical nature of life, renewal, and transformation. It is a raw, unfiltered representation of my own bodily connection to the pain I've endured and the healing process I've undergone. This choice challenges societal taboos, inviting viewers to confront their discomfort and embrace the authenticity of my narrative.

At the center of the piece stands a female form, a symbol of vulnerability and strength simultaneously. She gazes upon someone who has deeply hurt her, someone she still loves. This juxtaposition captures the complexity of human relationships, where love and pain often coexist. The protective stance of the female figure signifies the importance of self-preservation and self-care, even in the face of heartbreak.

"Resilience Unveiled" is a testament to the power of art as a means of catharsis and transformation. It invites viewers to contemplate their own experiences of love, pain, and healing while challenging preconceived notions about the boundaries of artistic expression. Through this piece, I hope to inspire conversations about resilience, self-love, and the capacity of the human spirit to rise above adversity.



life creates death, and death creates life
Dysfunctional Grace




Shark Tank

Short Film | Music Video


In this gritty cinematic and musical expression, DEA & SAINT navigate the tumult of gentrification, offering a unique commentary on power. They assert the future lies not solely in the architectural reshaping of neighborhoods but within the collective grasp of the people and their ownership. This film is a visceral testament to community resilience, sparking a fervor for self-determination and spotlighting strength in owning spaces and narratives. "Shark Tank", the punk ensemble's underdog anthem and the film’s namesake, challenges societal norms by putting transformative potential in artists' hands, forging a path to a future where empowerment is claimed, not bestowed. "We ain’t chums, you’re the bait..."



GO! Time Crawls Away…
Austin Buchanan

Ink on Canvas


A design originally done for a t-shirt campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of FOOK, the sophomore album from industrial supergroup, Pigface. This piece represents the album and live shows spanning over 30 years. Signed by founding member of Pigface, Martin Atkins.



Scott Durfee





The Animals in The Dark
Missy Roll

Wool, jade, moonstone,
freshwater pearl


This piece reflects conversations I’ve had with myself on being seen and heard. The camouflage of darkness grants you more opportunity to observe the things around you and learn truths you might not have seen within the light.



Forest Witch
Veronica Steiner

Oil and Acrylic


This piece reflects conversations I’ve had with myself on being seen and heard. The camouflage of darkness grants you more opportunity to observe the A woman consumed by the forest.



God of Fortune

Stained Glass in LED Lightbox


As you behold the vibrant representation of Jambhala, the Tibetan God of Fortune, you're drawn into the magnetic aura of abundance and prosperity. Revered not just for bestowing material wealth, Jambhala's deeper essence lies in enriching our spiritual path. In owning this piece, you're not merely celebrating prosperity but embracing the divine balance of abundance and generosity.



These Things Take Time
Michelle Sawyer

Mixed Media


Inspired by religious relics, this piece plays on using visual elements typical of reliquaries to honor personal spiritual iconography, rather than religious.

Intentionally time consuming and tedious, the approaches used to create the piece were chosen as a response to current societal norms of hustle culture, chronic productivity and desire for immediacy. Done as a mediation of sorts to realign the artist with her efforts to combat the impacts those norms have had on her. A reminder that things take time, and it is acceptable and necessary.



Guardians of Lenore
Bryan Nichols

Mixed Media


"Guardians of Lenore" portrays Lenore Ravenwood between two majestic ravens. The feathered shadow whisperers, untouched by cybernetic influence, symbolize nature's unaltered beauty.

Lenore, with her bionic enhancements, stands alone as a juxtaposition between the organic and artificial. The mirrored arrangement of the ravens emphasizes a sense of balance and protection. The background sets the poetic atmosphere for the convergence of biological and unreal elements.


Lenore Ravenwood
Bryan Nichols

Mixed Media


Edgar & Allen (The Ravens)
Bryan Nichols

Mixed Media










CONTACT Chad Mize for purchase. 727-251-8529 info@chadmize.com