Mize Gallery presents: FRIEND
An art exhibit exploring FRIENDSHIPS and how important they are to LIFE.

689 DR MLK JR ST N, Suite C
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Saturdays 10AM-5PM
Sundays 10AM-2PM

Exhibit on view November 4th-20th, 2022.

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Friendships provide a sense of belonging and acceptance and mitigate feelings of isolation and hopelessness. They provide the opportunity to listen and be listened to, lift up and be lifted up. Fresh perspectives are shared. A solid friendship is grounding. It's rooted in love. It helps us grow. This piece is a celebration of friendship. The flowers are connected and blossoming. The soil is rich and deep. This piece is also a celebration of nature, whom I consider a friend.

Calan Ree


I have great friends, they are my family. Adding pets for the perfect support team. They are my unsung champions.

Andrea Pawlisz
Acrylic on Canvas


Growing up, I was always a little weird and shy. For a kid that didn't have a lot of friends, Furbies were like the ultimate friend: they always need you, love you, speak with you in a weird secret language, and bother you at the worst possible times. And when you're annoyed you can take their batteries out -- but they will still look at you with a vacant, emotionless (non-judgmental) stare while you share your deepest, darkest secrets. Now I'm a weird/shy adult and I still love Furbies for these reasons and I have a few (with batteries removed) stored in my closet.

Dana Mercedes
Felt and Acrylic on Wood Panel


This artwork "FRIENDS" is about my friendship with  Patrica Toscano. 

It's so easy!

This piece reflects joy and liberation and freedom as a way of being.

My friend sees my potential as I excavate life's purpose.
And mirrors back to me more truth than my own convoluted fallacies of myself.
But we enjoy those too!

Our friendship has me examine the friendship I have with myself. 
Asking me to keep learning and growing and stretching and moving and achieving and nudging to the greatness she sees in me.

Mixed Media


Mize Gallery has created a lovely culture around the shows that Chad Mize curates. I have been a part of many of these shows and have had amazing evenings at the openings. This piece is a tribute to those good times. I photoshopped a picture of my friends and I at the gallery during the "Please Stand By" show and juxtaposed that image with a picture of Chad, Dan and Andrea. The picture is a loving memento to the gallery and everything the space means to us all.

Saumitra Chandratreya
Embellished Cyanotype on Paper


This artwork can be interpreted in a couple of ways;
One way to see the artwork can be a reflection and connection that is created when you truly bond with someone else. Bonding with others is amazing and profound, creating the deep connections that link you together that truly form and shape friendships. These connections last through distance and frequency in the sense that you make friends in life that you are always bonded to, regardless of how long its been since you saw each other or how much time since you've spoken, when you're together it feels like yesterday due to the established bond. This artwork is a tribute to those bonds and lifetime connections.

Another interpretation for the work is being your own best friend, it is important in life to be comfortable and loving with your own self and to be able to get along in your mind, body and soul. This fact is sometimes overlooked or we tend to set it aside and just stride through life doing what we feel necessary to exist and survive. This artwork can be understood as a reflection of your inner-self symbolizing the beauty and similarities with our subconscious and astral-self. The attributes of our soul are the energies that we palpitate and send out to the universe, these facets of ourselves exist in realms beyond cognition and understanding and it is important to honor and realize that we must be as aligned as possible with our inner-being. This artwork seeks to also touch upon the subject of being your own friend and companion, and the importance of being as in tune with yourself as possible, a challenge we all face and assimi

Daniel “R5” Barojas
Gouache and Reflective Tape on Paper


The St. Petersburg arts community has welcomed me with open arms since moving here in 2015-16. This painting reflects on those friendships by invoking lettering of the 60’s TV show The Brady Bunch. Within the letters are icons and pops of color representing those friendships which have fanned the flames of personal growth and professional inspiration. I’ve been blessed to work alongside talented artists, writers and curators who’s impact on my life leaves an indelible mark.

T - My first mural at The Flamingo Sports Bar.
H - Helping out Andrea Pawlisz & Co painting the Inclusive Pride street mural.
E - Assisting on projects for Miss Crit aka Laura Spencer at Shine & Mother Kombucha.
A - The literary community rekindling my love of poetry. R - Butterfly and triangles for Zulu Painter, working alongside him for a Creative Pinellas mural.
T - Collaboration with John Gascot on the Diversity in Democracy mural.
B - Leo Gomez for mentoring and teaching the ropes of sign painting.
N - Austin of the spray paint store Artissin for encouragement to explore a new medium.
C - Mr. Sun for Chad Mize, a true mensch, curator of shows that bring people together and challenge us artists with creative themes.
H - Wooster brush for all the TIFO paintings with George Retkes and the soccer supporters group Ralph’s Mob.

James Hartzell
Acrylic on Canvas


These are my three best friends. All of them serve a very specific purpose in my life:

Barnaby (left) is my social dog, he is my best friend I take with me in public to calm anxiety.

Watson (right) is my cuddle buddy, My best friend who loves to love and be loved and his journey to become the dog he is today has filled my with such pride and joy.

Presque (bottom) is my OG ride or die, my best friend who is able to read my emotions and know when she needs to cheer me up or to get me outside to play

Graham Brown


I wanted to explore the idea of balance, which is something that friends provide for us, and we for them. Pure friendship is often less burdened by the social and personal pressures that can surround other types of bonds in our lives—it puts us at ease, helps us relax, and brings a unique joy.

Kristin Northup
Ink on Paper


This year brought great loss into my life and to one of my dearest friends.

Molly and I both lost our grandmothers and with us being so extremely close to them, it weighed on our hearts so heavily.

Traveling to meet with family to begin packing and sorting up someone’s whole life is one of the most surreal things one might do. Photographs, letters & small mementos that had meant so much to her for years and years- a hundred to be exact.

A small shadow portrait in particular stuck with me and months later learned it was actually my very own profile.

Creating this portrait of my friend by marrying the traditional craft of cutting and stitch to immortalize our special bond and love.

Rachel Weirich
Mixed Media


Robin and Brooke. Discussing and dissolving reality since 2016.

Robin Bloom
Acrylic on Canvas


The concept for my piece “Frenemies” came about during Hurricane Ian. My bestie and his black cat, Balthazar [Right], hunkered down in our home for the week with my black cat, Gozer [Left], playing the role of the “hospitable host”. For YEARS, Jayson and I have fantasized about introducing our boys – catching them cuddling during weekend sleepovers and becoming best friends, just like us! Slowly, through several barrier and territory swaps, we introduced them. Their first interactions went better than expected; a few curious (but gentle) face-to-face encounters gave us hope! But ultimately our experiment ended in fisticuffs.

This piece is an artistic interpretation of the week’s events – a balance of play and ferocity. Without shadows, the cats appear to be floating on the stark white illustration board; this is to emphasize the topsy-turvy tussle Jay had to break up (he’s got the scars to prove it). Gozer’s most beloved candy corn mouse toy is the central focus (and attempted distraction) of this, their final boss fight.

Neither cat was injured during our best-friend trial – just a couple of bruised egos.

Miss Crit
Graphite and Color Pencil


When I hear the word “friend” I instantly think of the Golden Girls theme song.

My wish is to grow old with my friends and experience later times in life just like Blanche Devereaux, Dorothy Zbornak, Sophia Petrillo, and Rose Nylund.

Classic characters and classic friendships.

Chad Mize
Paint on Wood


This piece is an homage to my dearly departed best friend, Macie, who passed into the undying lands in July. She was the one steadfast being - always at my side - in times of joy and grief, contentment and fear, and when I learned the theme for this show, it was only natural that I would honor her with my piece. I am a long-time lover of Lord Of The Rings, and have always felt that the friendships - primarily Sam and Frodo - were the best part of the story. Naturally, that inspired the concept for this piece, and as someone who retouches images of jewelry for a living, I have joked for years that she was my Sam. She would come up to me and put her paw on my arm as I worked late into the night, and kept me from being alone even when I could not bear the company of humans. Even though she is no longer with me in body, her spirit lingers, lighting the dark places, and reminding me that love and friendship never die.

I chose a limited palette for this piece to capture the magical and ethereal feeling I wished to communicate. The forms were rendered primarily in watercolor, with final details added in gouache and colored pencil. The filigree border was cut by hand, embossed, and painted with two different gold paints to simulate the warm look of gold leaf.

Rhys Meatyard
Mixed Media on Wood Panel


“Call your friends” is a topic that needs to be expressed more. We need to check in with our friends and family. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. It can change a person’s day and make them know they are loved! In todays society mental health is a such a huge topic and humans naturally thrive off of connections and we need to be connecting with our friends.

Mr Cory Robinson
Acrylic on Upcycled Window


This oil pen work focuses on celebrating community and our unique differences. I hope it makes you smile.

David Kafer
Oil Marker on Canvas


Friends are essential to our development as individuals. They allow us to see ourselves through an out gaze. Push us to be adventurous, testing the boundaries of what we believe is possible. Challenging our beliefs, likes and dislikes. Supporting one another when times are bad. They expect who we are, and encourage us to grow.

Reid Jenkins
Acrylic on Canvas


Chad Mize has shown true friendship, not only to me personally but to the entire art community here in St. Pete. His love is shown by hosting vibrant and enthusiastic themes shows that invite artists from all mediums, new and seasoned, to come out and play. I’ve loved every moment of being a part of Chad’s community and forever grateful for the opportunities he’s provided me.

Rebekah Lazaridis
Color Pencil on Paper


In geometry the Vesica Piscis is the intersection of the Dyad in which two whole forms (circles/cells) come together. Turned one way the canvases form this shape, turned the other, they form the Triple Goddess symbol. Both are symbols of the Divine Feminine- an energy that graces my most meaningful friendships regardless of gender. Each dot was lovingly placed on the painting as a meditation of gratitude for my friends.

Katie Niewodowski
Acrylic and Resin on Canvas


I am so incredibly grateful to Chad Mize for his support these past few years, for allowing me to take part in his amazing shows, at this amazing gallery. This piece is a gift to him! Love you my friend!!

Jay Hoff
Lego on Lego


I created this relief sculpture in the way of vintage signage, a sort of emblematic portrayal of the closeness of a friend; your friend who is always there, who is quick to pull you in and throw an arm around you - whether out of joy, in times of struggle, or as a simple expression of togetherness.

Salvatore James
Mixed Media


This project started with the idea of creating a textile Etch-A-Sketch.

I found inspiration at the Gio Swaby exhibit at the MFA, where she used a technique of sewing on the reverse side of a piece and then featuring the bobbin stitching on the front, once I saw it, I knew I wanted to use that technique for the screen.

The last piece of the puzzle came to me when thinking about this show’s theme and how thankful I am to Chizzy for including me. The Golden Girls theme song started playing in my head and that was it!

It’s nostalgic and playful and makes me smile. I hope when you look at it, you hear “Thank you for being a friend!” and smile, too!

Carla Kaufman


The idea of your first friend is a personal one. But what about in the age of Social Media? To some, Tom Anderson was not only the Founder of MySpace, but was also their first “Friend”. Upon creating your new MySpace Profile back in 2003, you would automatically gain “Tom” as your 1 Friend. From there you could delete him from your friends and add new friends, other people that you actually knew in real life, or not. Even celebrities could be considered “friends”. An interesting take on what that word meant, and would go on to mean in the age of Social Media.

This piece was created solely using Tom’s, now iconic, MySpace profile picture.

Zachery Howard
Digital Collage


"God protect me from my friends, from my enemies I can protect myself."

Bob is seen in the aftermath of betrayal. The space bunnies who usually congregate to spread messages in the form of song are without words. Life is confusing for a robot.

Aurailieus Artist
Mixed Media


This piece is inspired by pics of friends, the quick snaps of every day life, from old polaroids to instagram... capturing the special moments shared between friends when nothing exceptional is going on.

Coralette Damme
Linocut, Watercolor and Graphite on Wood