Macy Eats Paint and Emiliano Settecasi present Homecoming, a new immersive art installation at Mize Gallery.

In a moment in history as devoid of reasons for joy and celebration as there has been in the past hundred years, Macy Eats Paint and Emiliano Settecasi cordially invite you to attend Homecoming! Embracing high school dance aesthetics, puppy love sensibilities, and ostentatious camp style by combining LED neon, plywood cutouts, and an inordinate amount of mylar fringe, the artists create a space that at once feels both nostalgic and contemporary. Guests are encouraged to dust off their formal wear, accessorize with this season’s most important garment: a mask, assemble up to five of their closest friends or family members, and enjoy up to thirty minutes in their own private homecoming dance. At a time when the vast majority of the country is uncertain about when it will be safe again to attend traditional large gatherings like parties or dances, Homecoming offers those who were unsatisfied with their previous homecoming dances a do-over, offers those who did enjoy their homecoming a chance to relive it, and offers those who have yet to experience a homecoming dance (and now may not ever be able to do so) as safe of an alternative as possible. 

While Macy Eats Paint and Emiliano Settecasi acknowledge that there are a multitude of national and global crises occurring simultaneously right now, the least of which is our inability to hold dances, Homecoming provides those who rightfully despair with a half-hour reminder of coming-of-age experiences, rites of passage, and nights with infinite potential. Homecoming seeks to renew their hope by proving that moments of bliss, romance, magic, and mortifying awkwardness can still exist in this world, and, if we work together, will exist in the world we rebuild going forward.


Gallery hours are scheduled for Saturdays 11AM-7PM, Sundays 11AM-3PM, or by appointment. $5 donation requested to enter.

Masks required. Limit to 6 people in gallery at once.

Exhibit on view September 12–26, 2020. 

MIZE /// 689 DR MLK Jr ST N. Suite C, St Petersburg FL /// MAP

Contact 727.251.8529 for purchase





Lil Cloud
Couple Cutout 1
Shooting Star
Moon Bench
Mid Cloud
Cupid Heart
Couple Cutout 2
Big Cloud
Couple Cutout 3
Moon & Stars
Couple Cutout 4