Mize Gallery presents: HOT BOX

Featuring the works of: Artist Jones, Bask, Tommy Bayot, Marc Brechwald, Mark Castle, Rhyn Cavallaro, Saumitra Chandratreya, Perry deVick, Ethan Early, Emmett Freeman, John Gascot, Lauren Harmon, Jay Hoff, Summer Elaine Hue, Chad Jacobs. Caelan Jeffery, Tenea Johnson, David Kafer, Zaryn Kluytman, Lucky Leroy, Cristi Lopez, Nicholas Lucius, Macy Eats Paint, Cake Marques, Mikey Bear Mcgrath, Rhys Meatyard, Kris Meenan, Miss Crit, Chad Mize, Bryan Nichols, Andrea Pawlisz, Gianna Pergamo, Cory Robinson, Finn Schult, Dylan Todd, Wasil, Scott Wayne, Mark Williams, andd Yungbld

855 28th Street S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Saturday 4-9PM
Sunday 11AM-3PM

Exhibit on view June 9th - 18th, 2023.

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This work is commentary on the current political climate in Florida. Through the use of LGBTQ+ historical symbols, the piece aims to contrast and challenge the recent legislation that targets and impacts this community.

Untitled, 2023.
Ethan Early
Archival Pigment Print (framed)
30 x 42"


"You're looking at crime personified, and don't you forget it!" Divine prophetically spoke these words in John Waters' classic “Female Trouble". Oh, if only she were here today to be at the forefront of THIS fight! Makes me want to start wearing heals to work everyday - and I work at a school!!

Criminally Divine
Jay Hoff
Lego on Lego
50 x 32”


The world is full of variety: different colors and shades and life expressions. We coexist with each other on the daily as we live through nature and nurture.

In recent years we have become so hate filled and self righteous due to misinformation, distorted media, cult behavior, and fear of what we are not.

The world has changed and is changing. Many are fearful of the change and will attack the freedoms of others.

Everyone should have the freedom to express themselves through their own experiences. One’s freedom should not be dictated by another’s personal views.

This piece is to provoke diversity and light within the freedom we all deserve. All the way around, intertwined and connected.

Free to Be We
Chad Mize
Latex on Activated Carbon Pellet Water Filtration Tank


Words have no inherent power. Their power comes from the intent behind their utterance, and how they are interpreted. The words raining from the sky in this painting have all been leveraged with ill intent toward myself and so many others in different times and places. These words can have the power to make us feel wrong, bad, and undeserving. For me, right now, I am choosing to deny those words that power. I can be joyful in the theatrical play, imagination, and changeable nature that has earned me the labels of fake and weird. I can be glorious in my fatness. I can be proudly sex-positive in my bisexuality and and gayness. I can shine like a flower after the rain.

Shine Like a Flower After the Rain
Perry deVick
Oil on Wood Panel
36 x 24”


"Being Myself"
We've been through a lot!
Being myself is a constant becoming myself.
A continual bringing forth of myself to myself.
Stoically vulnerable, unfolding the full potential of congruent mind and fluid heart.
Choosing a life of living in freedom, fulfillment and happiness.
We have the palatable potential to create our own life as cartographers of sublime elegance.

Being Myself
Acrylic paint, carpenter's glue, canvas, on shaped upcycled reclaimed housing insulation.
6' 10" h. x 3' 10" w. x 2" d.


Cristi López
colored pencil, acrylic, and ink on paper mounted to panel
24 x 18"


Sometime last year, I received a message from a person who purchased one of my pieces, which depicted Apollo as a trans person. They said that they were very moved by it, as they had never before seen a trans person depicted so gloriously, and that seeing it at a key time in their own process of self-discovery, helped them accept themselves. Honestly, that was one of the most meaningful things I have ever heard about my work, and although I sometimes struggle to validate my own contribution to our community it helped me see that as a trans artist, I have the ability to create a positive narrative for myself and people like me.

This year, as we face the rapid rise of fascist persecution, it feels even more critical to claim our space. When I was asked to participate in this show, it was suggested that I “go big” and as a person who hates to leave a challenge unmet, I set out to do just that - a larger than life installation of several trans gods, beautiful and glorious.

The journey to bring this concept to completion has been epic. Not having often worked at this scale, I had to pave all new processes for these and challenged myself at every turn, from building the panels themselves to working in the chosen medium - acrylic - which I have not often used. My inspiration for these is rooted in my interest in classical art, with a nod towards the art nouveau aesthetic, which are common themes in my work. Each deity is pictured with plants and/or animals associated with their worship, and are arranged to create a colonnade in the negative space around them. I could not be more pleased with the end result, and I hope you - the viewer - agree.

Apollo, Artemis, Demeter
Rhys Meatyard
Acrylic on Panel
8' x 3' each


Sweaty, dripping, wet, flesh.
Growing out of the ground monumentalizing monstrosity of existence.
My existence.
My space I can take up as a queer person is limited, shrinking.
"Wet" is my non-binary existence inside a state rising in temperature, physically, and politically. Make monument of your identity. I am queer, I am wet, and I am so much more than that.

Emmett Freeman
60 x 22"


In a climate where queer rights are being stripped away in the name of religion, a reminder that to touch the one you love is the ultimate form of worship.

Pray Away
Lauren Harmon
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 22"


What’s a better way to spend a hot Florida afternoon than by the pool?

Gianna Pergamo has been creating delightful animal collages for the past decade. She has built a menagerie of characters dressed in their vintage best including happy alligators and dapper flamingos. Today, Miss Ibis joins their ranks in her flattering swimsuit as she lounges the day away.

Pool Day
Gianna Pergamo
Mixed Media on Canvas
24 x 30"


As anti-LGBT legislation develops in Florida affecting children and their relationship with education, it builds frustration for trans youth who are at a greater risk now more than ever. In response to the 'Don't Say Gay or Trans Bill,' this photograph of Jake, a trans student in Hillsborough county, aims to be a visible response to the frustration he experiences while he aims to grow in a world where love and learning aren't always synonymous.

Jake, 13, He/Him/His
Dylan Todd
Digital Photograph
24 x 36"


The Delicate Art of Happiness (Altared Consciousness 2)
Tenea D. Johnson
Wood, Metal, Glass, Words
9 x 21.5"


Similar to when we first learned how to write in cursive, the Practice series challenges its viewers to reflect on their own journeys with the different words spelled out vertically. For the Hot Box theme, it was important for me, this PRIDE month, to include ”LGBTQIA” to this series —with the anti-drag and anti-gay bills spreading across America.

Practice: LGBTQIA, no. 1
Tommy Bayot
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 36"


As a queer person living in Florida, we feel the dark cloud of inhumane recent laws being passed at an alarming rate. Here a drawing of Michaelangelo’s David represents art and self expression, riding a rainbow mega wave crashing towards Florida, as “Banned Books” rain on the state. A queer revolution is coming.

Queer Revolution Is Coming
Saumitra Chandratreya
Cyanotype and Watercolor on Archival Paper
48 x 24"


BUTT OUT! is a statement that despite an unruly political climate - we are stronger together - living, loving and growing stronger than ever. We turn out backs to those who try to hold us down - to rewrite history and take our books - and we will continue to live in full color and fight for our rights - even with a little help from our mouse friends!

Mark Williams
Mixed Media on Canvas
36 x 36"


Protect Your Pride and Joy
Hand painted Acrylic Latex Enamel on board 


This piece is a tribute to the trans/non-binary/queer folx bravely standing up to the ignorant, hateful bigots; Continuing to unapologetically live their truth; Paving the way and taking up space. This beauty, power and resilience should be celebrated not erased.

Slay the Hate
Kris Meenan
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36"


I wanted to create something to be an ally to my friends and family in the LGBTQAI+ community while also saying Fuck Ron Desantis and his bigot/ hate filled government.

Cory Peter Robinson
Reverse Acrylic on found glass
60 x 24"


I created “Don’t Say Michelangelo” after hearing about the principal in Florida being forced to resign for showing students a photo of Michelangelo’s Statue of David. The 500+ year old statue was considered “pornographic” by several parents.

Censoring art and banning books isn’t hiding the fact that we have had over 200 mass shootings in 2023, across the United States.

If this sculpture is purchased, I will be donating half the money to the Okra Project, which provides support to black trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people.

Don’t Say Michelangelo
Scott Wayne
Mixed Media
16 'x 5.5" x 4.5"


In sunny Saint Pete, by the shimmering bay,
Reside a group of ladies, lively and gay.
Like graceful dolphins, they dance in the tide,
Their water aerobics, a delightful ride.
Beneath wide-brimmed hats, secrets they share,
Whispered tales of romance floating in air.
The mermaids of Seabreeze, a sisterhood so dear,
In vibrant swimsuits, they conquer all fear.
They've learned life's truths, like treasures well-earned,
And their zest for living cannot be overturned.

The Mermaids Of Seabreeze Terrace
Cake Marques
Oil on Panel
34 x 24"


While the antics of Anita Bryant may seem like an unfortunate footnote in Florida's history, The Sunshine State is once again subjected to similarly hateful rhetoric as it is ensnared in the ever-tightening grasp of a more powerful oppressor.

Freshly Squeezed
Chad Jacobs
Acrylic on Woodcut
36 x 19"


When The World Wants You Dead Seek Shelter
Caelan Jeffery Art
Mixed Media
30 x 21”


A vandal’s projection on the classic “Head of Christ” portrait, or perhaps just what happens when my roommate AL asks me “What if we gave Jesus the Trixie Mattel makeup?”

The forehead in the corner is named “Neil” and represents freedom.

Serve, Christ!
Zaryn Kluytman
Mixed Media
10 x 8”


Thinking about violence
Thinking about violence
Thinking about violence

Most Wanted Person in the United States
Finn Schult
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 24"


In these turbulent times, with so many basic human rights on the line, the most militant step we can take is to be ourselves.
Be explosively authentic!!!

John Gascot
Mixed Media
40 x 30"


Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian power-prayer for reconciliation, love, and forgiveness. “Ho'o” means cause, while “ponopono” means perfection. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you” is the form of this prayer that has been revised and modified for modern use- and it can literally heal the world around us.

This prayer is based upon the understanding that the universe is a "holographic" design in which everything is reflected upon everything else. This means that the negative energy fields that are causing problems within others are actually located everywhere simultaneously - including inside you. Since they are inside you, you can let go of them, which replaces them with acceptance. Basically, by changing that which is within you, you can change the world that appears to be outside you. This works great when you see unwanted behavior in other people, because how we perceive people is a reflection of what we feel within ourselves.

Grace Jones (featured in this piece) is an inspiring individual who absolutely refuses to be put in a box. She gave a voice to the oppressed while offering a bold example of what it means to be free. Underneath is the phrase ho’oponopono…. together they represent being free and brining harmony across all people.

This piece is a reminder to dispel the hatred and bigotry being projected at the LGBTQIA+ community through forgiveness and prayerful intent. So let the wild ones continue to be themselves while you and I manifest healing for the misunderstood and the misunderstanding.

Hand lacquered wood panel with multi layer giclee print on acetate. Limited 1/1.
24 x 24"


As the darkness invades our galaxy, we aspire to know the freedoms of new worlds. Whether we fight or flee…

Hot Exodus
Mark Castle
Oil on Canvas
24 x 36"


My painting, titled "Satellite of Love," is a visual expression of resilience and celebration in the face of the current anti-LGBTQIA political climate, particularly focusing on the issues of anti-drag and anti-trans sentiment in Florida. As part of the art exhibition "Hot Box," which delves into the challenges and struggles faced by the LGBTQIA community, my artwork seeks to convey a message of defiance, joy, and unwavering self-acceptance.

At the heart of the composition stands an ice cream truck, joyously rocketing through the air. The ice cream truck represents the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQIA community, a symbol of inclusivity, fun, and self-expression. It serves as a powerful metaphor for the resilience and determination of queer individuals, who continue to thrive and find happiness despite the oppressive attitudes and discriminatory laws.

Flanking the ice cream truck are two clouds, their expressions dripping with disgust and disapproval. These clouds symbolize the ultra-conservatives who are responsible for passing the laws targeting the LGBTQIA community. They represent the intolerance and bigotry that surround us, threatening to dampen the spirit and freedom of those who identify as queer.

Despite the clouds of hate and negativity, the ice cream on the truck is melting, yet radiating a sense of joy and contentment. This melting ice cream serves as a defiant symbol, representing the unyielding happiness and resilience of the LGBTQIA individuals. It stands as a testament to their refusal to be silenced or broken by discrimination, reminding us that love and acceptance will always prevail.

Through "Satellite of Love," I aim to inspire hope and encourage a sense of pride within the LGBTQIA community. It is a celebration of identity, love, and the enduring spirit of those who continue to fight for equality. By juxtaposing the joyous ice cream truck with the disapproving clouds, I seek to challenge the viewer's perception of the current political climate and invite them to reflect on the importance of acceptance, diversity, and compassion.

Ultimately, my painting serves as a visual reminder that even in the face of adversity, love and happiness have the power to overcome hatred and prejudice. It is my hope that "Satellite of Love" sparks conversations, fosters empathy, and promotes understanding, contributing to the ongoing struggle for LGBTQIA rights and equality in our society.

Satellite of Love
MikeyBear McGrath
Acrylic on Panel
24 x 24"


I wanted to create a piece that celebrates the joy and fashion of dra

Drag Brigade
David Kafer
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
48 x 36"


Pieces of Me
The words I was taught to fear are now the words I've learned to embrace.

Piece of Me
Forgive me Father for I have sinned,
15 years since my last confession.
I'm queer. But what if I'm not sorry? What if I'm done repenting?
Your love is so conditional.
Your love is so restricting.
Your love ruins lives.
So, I'm damned.
But what if Paradise isn't lost? What if it exists anywhere I am?
Queer love is so unconditional.
Queer love is so freeing.
Queer love saves lives.
The forbidden pieces of me are my Euphoria. Consider me fallen.

"Pieces of Me" (rainbow pieces 1-60), "Piece of Me" (large white cake, piece 61)
Macy Eats Paint
Mixed Media
3"x4"/each (1-60) display surface 32"x48", 32"x48"


As a youth in hot, sticky central Florida, I cautiously waded into my inevitable queerness. The 90's challenges were different; more localized and quiet. Slurs spray-painted onto my car parked outside the campus infirmary. Rocks thrown through my kitchen window as "Faggot" soared sharply through the salty air. (Seriously? no one taught you 'Dyke?')

I've been screamed at, physically abused, and publicly shamed by countless peers and strangers in this state I call "Home." But no one was coming for my rights.... I mean, we didn't have many, but there was no grand public spectacle debating the legitimacy and safety of my continued existence.

This new generation of Floridian youth is facing something more far-reaching than their own parking lots and homes. DeSantis is a hateful creature backed by hordes of money and fellow deplorable humans. As an artist who relies heavily on carefully curated color palettes, I'll be the first to say, artistically speaking, I hate the rainbow. But this year, it had to be rainbow.

With a nod to Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam,' this piece emphasizes the crisis of LGBTQ+ youth and the dire importance of Allyship. It features my adult hand refreshing a cone, ravaged by the heat of the Florida summer, held by my own hand as a queer child in Florida. 'The acceptance of Eve.'

It's time to stand and shout and vote and outwardly display Allyship in every sweaty crevice of our state, and beyond. I'm putting all the tackiest, most nostalgic rainbows back on for Pride this year. I'm here for you if you're staying. I support you if you need to flee. I exist, you exist, we exist and this is our Home, not some political battlefield.


In Jesus name we slay. Amen.

I Got You
Summer Elaine Hue
Digital Illustration on Plexiglass
24 x 36"


This piece was inspired by a photograph taken by a close friend who identifies as both non-binary and femme. Something about these beautiful tangled women basking in the light made me feel unafraid to be irrevocably myself. As a queer woman I’m stuck taking a backseat as lawmakers and politicians make rules about how I can conduct myself and my self expression. To be honest, screw them. This piece is about basking in all the pleasures you want and deserve. We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.

LGB-Tea Party
Acrylic on Canvas
48 x 36"


When it come to the LGBTQ community, the political climate of Florida has created a hostile environment for our community. Something so simple as sending our children to school is taking a risk due to the uptick in school shootings, yet Drag Queens reading books seem to be a greater threat. The assault on our community must cease so we can go back to building a peaceful coexistence. In the meantime, we will continue to live our fabulous, proud lives and tune out the negativity and war being waged against us. We fight back by continuing to live as we are and who we are.

Reading Rainbow
Artist Jones
Mixed Media on Canvas
60 x 48"


The state of Florida has long been referred to as “paradise” with its tropical weather and white sandy beaches. But recent political maneuverings in Tallahassee have left the LGBT+ community, African-Americans, Latino immigrants and women’s rights advocates feeling marginalized, unwelcome and under attack. This piece is my artistic commentary on how Florida in 2023 is feeling less and less like the paradise we once knew and loved.

Paradise Lost
Marc Brechwald
Graphite pencil on Bristol
28”x36” (framed)


This Artwork, for me, is about passion, anointing in your creative identity, and harnessing your ability to seek bravery in who you are and what you stand for...

I want the world to see a passion that is constantly fighting against boredom and banality...

Maybe even free my viewers from the emotional fatigue of society and being politically correct by being more myself than what this political climate says is “correct”.

Sir Nicholas Lucius
Mixed Media on Canvas
48 x 48"


Love & Hisses is a celebration – a joyous expression of unabashed authenticity.

Chrysanthemum flowers cascade through the center of the piece - their infinite petals unfurl representing the depth and layers of that human essence we call ‘personality’. In contrast - stoic and slow-growing orchid blossoms reach up in the background, representing uniqueness, impermanence, and potentiality. The phrase ‘ Love & Hisses’ jumps forth in vibrant technicolor - pairing the unconditional joy of loving oneself, with sweet and sour, strength and sass. A sleek and stealthy kitten slithers forth through the composition. Cats embody neither masculine nor feminine energies exclusively – but represent The Divine and Feline inclusively.

Harness your inner critter – celebrate all that is you!
Love & Hisses,
Miss Crit

Love & Hisses
Miss Crit
Acrylic on Wood
46 x 46"


I'm Sorry I Came Before You
Lucky Leroy