30 artists interpret their own land on provided landscape sized panels. 


653 Central Avenue
St Petersburg FL

Click image to enlarge:
15 Minutes of Sunset
Angela Faustina
Oil on Wood


Farewell to Foraging Fields
Carol Davis
Mixed Media on Wood
Diamond Lightning
Chris Giuffré
Paper, Marker & Acrylic on Wood
The Canopy
Curtis Sneary
Acrylic on Wood
All is Lost
David Cabassa
Acrylic on Canvas
The Other Side of My Universe (Genius Loci)
Painting on Photo on Wood
Bamboo Garden
Heinz Hinrichs
Steel, Bamboo & Plants on Wood
Alien Insect
J. Michael Taylor
Acrylic on Wood
Four Boats
James Michael McCracken
Acrylic on Wood
Jedd Lancaster
Enamel on Wood
Game Over
Jeffrey Jacoby
Acrylic on Wood
On the Origin of Species
John Taormina
Acrylic on Wood
Futurama The World of Tomorrow
Josh Poll
Glass, Paper & Resin on Wood
Untitled Landscape
Josh Stover
Latex & Oil Pencil on Wood
Twelve Harlequin
Joshua Fuller
Acrylic on Wood
Tokyo Suburbs
Acrylic, Gel Pen & Sumi Ink on Wood
The Tired Messenger
Julie Price
Ceramic & Acrylic on Wood
Indonesian Landscape: The Fighting Beetle
Justin Arnold
Mixed Media on Wood
Queens Bridge
Justin Wagher
Acrylic on Wood
Ken Echezabel
Fabric Paint on Wood
On the Actual Cause of Aurora Phenomena
Kristin Northup
Acrylic on Wood
Lainey Rhodes
Mixed Media Collage on Wood
Come Sail Away
Mason Schwacke
Aerosol & Acrylic on Wood
Insta Scape
Melissa Yungbluth
Ceramic on Wood
Bear Country
Acrylic on Wood
Salavatore James
Enamel & Resin on Wood
The Mangrove Tree
Stephanie McKee
Oil on Panel
The Last Voyage
T. Cris Alencar
Mixed Media on Wood
Timothy Innamorato
Oil on Wood Panel
Out West
Anthony Krol
Aerosol & Resin on Wood

BENCHES by Heinz Hinrich - Metal & Oak Wood