Mize Gallery presents: SOMETHING 2020

We asked each participating artist to present a work that was something positive to them personally for 2020.

689 DR MLK JR ST N, Suite C
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Sundays 11AM-3PM or by appointment. Masks required.
Limit to 6 people in gallery at once.

Exhibit on view December 4-20, 2020.

Contact info@chadmize.com 727.251.8529 for purchase.






Michael Knapp

Acrylic on Canvas

13 x 13"


2020 has been a rough one, but happiness and good cheer cannot be stopped by anything. We always recover, we always move forward.

The mask has become an unwitting symbol of 2020. In our history books the children of the future will see images of people in masks when they research this time. But what they wont see is that most people are still smiling under their mask. We are still positive about our future. We still love.

The ventriloquist dummy is always smiling. No matter what he encounters. For once, behave like a dummy…Keep smiling beneath the mask.



Reid Jenkins

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 9"

Often in the darkest of times we feel like it’ll never end. For all we see is the darkness, but if you look for the light in darkness you will find it. 

I chose to use Zulu as a model for this painting, Because he’s always saying you got to think positive and what you put out in the world is what you receive.


Chase Donald

Acrylic on Panel

12 x 12"



Amy Ilic-Volpe

Mixed Media on Canvas

12 x 12"


2020 tossed us MANY things, one of the most unusual, being a whole lot of extra time. Time we have never had before, to be still with ourselves and explore our innermost thoughts, passions, and inspirations. This year we had the opportunity to really learn what we would actually do if we had all the time in the world. We were given the space to experiment. We could really invest some energy into understanding what moves us. Some people baked bread, finally read all those unopened books on their shelves, or created a new TikTok Dance Challenge. Why not try it all, when you have all the time? Have fun, be silly, dust off that imagination!

This piece reflects the artistic experimentation and process I was gifted, due to this unusual amount of extra time. I was able to relax and just try all the things and see what stuck.




Mixed Media

12 x 5"

I have been exploring Heart Coherence through the HeartMath Institute.
The mind and the heart brought into coherent alignment.
Activated through self initiated practice.
Heart Coherence
Heart Rhythm Coherence
Social Coherence
Global Coherence
The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based co-creative project to unite people in heart focused care and intention to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance cooperation and enduring peace.
My form of Activism.


Lucy Sage


When I saw photos of other people on their porches from different cities, I decided to do it in my neighborhood. Historic Kenwood seemed a natural place for "porchtraits," since porches and porch parties are a vital part of Historic Kenwood. And, I love my neighborhood, neighbors and how they have created their homes and gardens. These photos were taken at safe distances between May 5th and 20th, 2020. It was fun, and provided an opportunity during these “stay at home” days for my neighbors to get dressed up, wear silly costumes and/or portray what they have been or wish they were doing.


Dawn Waters


12 x 12"

It’s been a tough year. But one thought pulled me through…Kamala Harris as vice president (if she can’t be president this time). Nothing against Joe Biden, but Kamala Harris has it going on. From her intelligence, experience, and demeanor, all the way down to her Chuck Taylors, she embodies what this country yearns for. As the first mixed-race woman to reach this position, I wanted to capture her in all her colorful glory, and to reflect the joy I feel knowing she will soon be Madam Freaking Vice President. 


Carrie Matteoli

Polymer Clay & Mirror

12 x 12"



Brian Schanck

Mixed Media

11 x 9"

Surrender has become a prominent focus for me; letting go of what’s out of my control and being conscious of what is. 2020 has taught me that the most important moment is the present one. 


Laura Eve

Inkjet Print (Framed)

5.25 x 6.5"

How to Load a Dishwasher explores ideas of domestic tasks, mental health, and personal empowerment. I started going to therapy in pre-pandemic 2020 due to obsessive, dark thoughts that would surround me whenever I was at the sink washing dishes. 2020 has been the year of more dishwashing and isolation than ever, but also the most growth. I finally learned how to express what I’m feeling (drawing is easier for me than trying to find the right words to explain), and that I don’t have to do it all alone.


Perry deVick

Oil on Panel

10 x 17"

As 2020 approached, I saw a great many illustrations showing two twenty sided polyhedral dice with rolled twenties. They were predicting a great year, with the best possible outcomes. The year has not turned out quite like that, has it? In this year of sickness and stress, many people have had to look for adventure at home. There has been a resurgence of tabletop and online adventure gaming. For me, playing games has been a wonderful way to stay connected to community and find joy, without leaving the house. This ode to Dungeons & Dragons is titled with a mix of two idioms. “Here there be dragons” is a nod to fantasy maps and “There but for the grace of god go I” is an acknowledgment of luck or blessings. I feel like I have been very lucky in this year full of dragons and fear. My rolls haven’t been perfect twenties, but they haven’t been ones either. This painting is gratitude for good luck from the dice gods.


Ashley Bates

Acrylic on Canvas

10 x 10"


The colors depicted here represent the various energies throughout our physical + spiritual bodies. Red as the background refers to our root chakra- keeping grounded no matter the situation. The other shades flow through each chakra. I chose to include white + black as a nod to duality and the necessity of both forces.

Unfortunately, due to internal and external circumstances, our frequencies/chakras can become stagnant and muddied. No doubt this year has caused an imbalance or two in our energetic equilibrium!

Despite the conditions, we have the ability to transmute and heal our internal landscape, allowing us to continue on our paths + thrive in the process.



Brittany “NovaFro” Freemon

Interactive Mixed Media

12 x 12"

This piece is a call for connection through growth, progress, and assistance. 2020 has shown us that we need to start loving one another in unity. This year has taught many of us, including myself, that we all need to remain soldiers until the war is won. This has been a time of self-reflection and realization that ”war” so to speak starts with us, as individuals, and as a nation. We are dealing with a societal heartbreak, and it is time we begin to heal. Recognizing the scars from our past and present, we as a nation may begin working towards a golden future. My question to you, as the viewer, is "Are you ready to reach back?"


Ro Martinez Art

Acrylic on Canvas

11.5 x 9.5"

Learning to love yourself in spite of the pain and scars is the first step in learning to love others. 


Erika Schnur

Collage on Panel

12 x 12"

As 2020 comes to a close, we've all been faced with many arduous moments as a nation as well as globally. With these trials, we've also seen many triumphs as we've become more united within ourselves and each other. We've seen people from all walks of life come together to fight injustice in every facet. Our environment was able to flourish; with travel halted for some time global pollution decreased significantly. While these moments of solitude may have felt vexatious, many of us have come to hold physical interactions with our loved ones to a much higher standard than we did before. This year we all experienced a cleansing, of ourselves, our ideals, and our values. We are renewed in our existence.




Robin Bloom


Ideal Size

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a personal journey. It’s admittedly been a relief to have the many privileged foundations to get my family through, that haven’t been avaiblable to many others. Positive platitudes have long been a part of my work, but this year, so many of them rang hollow. The Only Way Out Is Through is a line that has helped me through many lows, and proved helpful once again this year. Trying To Be Happy Is A Good Start feels true, and once I started saying it to myself, I could feel myself lift out of the wallow. And while I can’t guarantee It Will All Be Ok, it’s certainly reassuring for this little flower friend to tell you.


Cory Robinson

Digital Papercut

12 x 12"


2020 was a crazy year!!  We were all exposed to a global pandemic that just keeps continuing to grow.  We were exposed to the deep-seeded racism in our country and world, which we all need to do our part to change and fight toward ending.   We were exposed to the social inequalities and the government caring more about profits than people.  The emotions were at an all-time high… anxieties, fears, sadness. Everything was heightened.  During this year, I was overwhelmed with different negative emotions and had to release the control I was trying to have and really learn to relax and roll with life instead of worrying about it.  This was the first time in my life -since I was 16- that I was out of work and challenged to fill the time.  I had to relearn a new way of living. I chose to focus on the positive and rest my body and mind.  I hope we’ve all learned to relax during all this craziness.  



Alison Wheeler

Acrylic on MDF

12 x 12"


ni modo


Mixed Media Collage

13 x 13"

For what it’s worth— it’s never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you feel things you’ve never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start over again.

SOLD! (in Chicago)

Luke Heath

Oil on Wood Panel

10 x 10"


My piece for this showcase, entitled SOLD! (in Chicago) is inspired by my brother, Joe buying his first home.  He has loved living and thriving in Chicago for the last 12 years. Just a couple months prior to the Pandemic striking the United States;    
He and his girlfriend, Claudia, began the arduous task of looking for homes to purchase. After touring many homes in an extremely competitive area...they found the perfect one. The Pandemic hitting immediately thereafter presented a number of challenges with the lending & purchasing process. Despite the lockdowns, inspectors unavailable to work, loan offices closing, and everyone trying to make sense of an unprecedented mental and physical health crisis;  It eventually worked out and Joe & Claudia were able to close on their new home in April. 

I used a 10x10 wood panel with an orange background, a color identified with optimism and youth, perfect for a first home. Painted on top is the word SOLD! 3X which truly says it all.  I know this house will serve as an amazing home for Joe, Claudia, and dogs; Hank, Mani, & Domino. :)



Frankie G

Mixed Media on Canvas

12 x 12"


My artwork draws from an emotional outlook on social, cultural and personal issues and 2020 had no shortage of inspiration. By combining various materials used for fine art painting, urban art and juxtaposed images I felt it could create a sense of organized chaos that has been the year for numerous people across the globe. For as much as the year has taken a toll on us and we just wished to reboot it back to January it has provided us a crucial opportunity to grow and see the richness in ourselves and others around us.

“Richness” is the story about how we took the time to self discover and see how the material goods we surround ourselves with aren’t as important as the innate good inside of you. This year has allowed us to look underneath the mask that we all wear and discover something new and beautiful about ourselves and allowing this to blossom in order to enrich the lives of others around us. By seeing your own value in a positive light you can create boundless opportunities, not conforming to others beliefs about who or what you should be.


Nana Korobi Yaoki - Fall Down Seven Times,Get up Eight

Elena Øhlander

Mixed Media

12 x 12"

This year has proven to be challenging in so many ways. Looking back, I see 2020 as a space for reflection, appreciation, and growth. A time of great perseverance, empowerment, and triumph - despite it all! The hopes that I had prior to this year were more reinforced as I became part of the positive change I wished to see in the world, instead of just talking about it. The Daruma in the figures helmet (Boddhisattva figure) is a symbol of good luck and perseverance in Japanese culture. When receiving one of these Daruma dolls, you create a goal or wish and fill one of the empty eyes. When the goal comes to fruition you promise to give the spirit inside, the gift of full sight in exchange for helping you achieve it. Imbued with symbolism from the eyebrows meant to look like cranes (said to live for 1000 years) and beard meant to look like turtles (said to live for 10000 years) and the very shape of the doll to ever find its way upright again - I felt that symbol is the embodiment of 2020. 
Never give up!


Mimi Hernandez

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 16"

Mimi’s drawing style is kawaii (cute)! She loves vector art and usually plans her paintings out in adobe illustrator before even starting a painted piece. She likes finding the balance between fun simplified designs and limited color palettes. This piece is about providing empathy, kindness and compassion to those we love in the midst of this pandemic.


Eileen Goldenberg

Digital Painting

7.5 x 12"

During covid, a phenomena known as “lucid dreaming” is being experienced more frequently by many people. There are a lot of recent articles about this. I’ve always loved my vivid dreams, and remember them more than not, but never have they been this epic! I decided to illustrate this funny one in which I woke up with a start- realizing that I’d forgotten all about a party I was having. I raced outside, only to find all my friends making themselves at home in the canal behind my house. Meanwhile, my life size mannequin had found her way out of my studio and onto a raft in my pool. I enjoyed interpreting the obvious meaning here about social distancing.


Andrea Pawlisz

Acrylic on Canvas

10 x 10"

while the isolation of lockdown brought about loneliness,
it brought a perfect silence.
in the silence, I found clarity, inspiration, motivation, self.
and I recognized abundant support.
the umbrella signifies sheltered support. there is no rain
as my fears were not real. 


Tessa Barber

Mixed Media

12 x 10"

2020 has certainly been a bumpy ride, but it has also been a year of growth, change, and overcoming. Through the highs and lows, I have seen togetherness in the wake of tragedy and a community joining to support one another despite the constant waves of disjunction this year has wrought. Using elements of collage and emotionally charged items from my personal experiences within 2020, this piece highlights that sense of unity by presenting two hands holding each other together, helping one another despite the chaos of this year. Fate brings us together when we least expect it and changes our lives in ways we never saw coming, forging new memories and connections to last a lifetime.


Nicholas Oszaniec

Acrylic on Canvas

9 x 12"

2020 has been an emotional year for all of us, but sometimes all we need is a little music or art to pick us up. For me these two things are what kept me going and thinking positively all year long, especially the album “Mothership” by Dance Gavin Dance. My favorite band to listen to while painting.


Megan Golden

Acrylic/Alcohol Ink on Wood/Glass

12 x 12"

"Love ya from A Distance" It is something we all had to learn this year. The world represents distance and universal.The heart represents you may not be physically with me but you are always in my heart. The red pinpoint represents "you are here." With everything that has happened this year we all need love and well, I can love ya from a distance. I LOVE YOU.


Timmie Boose

Mixed Media

14 x 11"


The caterpillar spends time in dormancy and emerges a butterfly.

2020 has offered a lot of us the rare opportunity of respite from our busy cluttered lives. As the regularities of life are removed, we are offered the chance to transform.



Charley Soderbergh

Color Pencil on Paper

11 x 13"


I always knew I’d ask him
But I didn’t know when or how.
LEGO art of his favorite singer
Was on the wall here last year at MIZE
There was my answer.
I gave him the piece, and asked for his hand
And he said YES.

We chose Halloween 2020
A big costume ball with loved ones, music and cake.
When the shutdown came, we knew it was off.
On April Fools Day, I asked one more time
For a trip to the courthouse
For protection, safety, and love
During a year of incredible uncertainty.
And he said YES.




6 layers of hand cut stencils & spraypaint

12 x 12"

Seeing is believing and believing is seeing .... sometimes!! 


Josh Poll


10 x 6 x 5"

2020 to me is about new beginnings. This crystal clear flower represents an open slate for infinite potential. The blooms, new life, new growth, a new perspective.  With no color in this piece all of the colors around reflect/refract through it.   I have been growing in my life to prepare me for this day.  A new day.  


Lauren Petty

Acrylic & Resin

4 x 4" each


Here are a few of a more expansive series of coasters I have created of women and non binary people—especially of color, who inspire me. I’ve been really proud of my friend’s social consciousness and work for civil justice. These marginalized communities have rallied continuously in the face of oppression to create kinship in the place of division, understanding in the place of fear, and action in the place of weakness. Even just with a click of a button I have been able this year, along with many others, to learn something new—something good—about feminism, queer folk, and BIPOC. Marching onward I’m very much looking forward to taking on commissions of others, their loved ones, and their own personal inspirations!

[Super special thanks to April Showalter (@chibiresinart) for her expertise in resin, making these coasters completely functional, and some even glow in the dark!]



Marc Levasseur

Mixed Media on Wood

12 x 12"

2020 was a tough year for most of us. In 2020 we had to discover new ways to entertain ourselves. As an artist what better way to find My Happy place by painting and being with and sharing art with friends and family like this Bird in my painting that found its Happy place on a tree safe and free.


Billy Nance

Acrylic on Canvas

8 x 10"


We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

This year has been...yeah, it’s been something. With everything going on this year, it’s been hard to find hope. That’s what this piece was/is about. Finding Hope. After working on this for a short while, I stepped out onto the balcony of my apartment and watched the sun break over the treeline, and the sky fill with color and new life. I scrapped my orginal idea for this piece, all except for the outline, and filled it in with a sunrise. That morning sky was an extraordinary sight. I hope I managed to capture enough of that sunrise’s essence that this piece can fill other’s with hope for the coming days, months, and year, in the same way I was refreshed that morning, with Hope for a new day.



Chris Sellen

Mixed Media

12 x 12"

Psycho Selfie is a self-reflection piece inspired by the pause-demic.


James Hartzell

1Shot Oil Enamel on Canvas

12 x 12"

This painting reflects a positive element of 2020 in reshaping my routine around gardening as opposed to, first thing in the morning, listening to NPR news. Growing plants from seed or rescuing a few plants from a local hardware store was incredibly rewarding during the pandemic as it gave me something to nurture and look forward to each sunrise. The process of starting container gardens also challenges you in a couple ways symbolized in the painting; soil conditions and garden pests like snails can be a setback by eating your crop, other insects are welcomed garden guests like bees and spiders. My depth for patience grew as you realize that good things take time. Reflect on all the effort invested in your plant babies and savor the moment when adding fresh herbs to a dish, making your own pesto or adding kick to salsa with fresh peppers. Knowing where your food was grown, or the cost of transporting it, is more important now than ever. Challenge yourself to get dirty and grow your own. Let’s GROW!


Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Mixed Media

12 x 12"

In the absence of being able to travel during the pandemic, I focused on creating mixed media art inspired by the street scenes I fall in love with and photograph in cities around the world.


Whitney Lynch

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 12"

I’ve learned to be more mindful and appreciate the moment


Jules Cozine

Mixed Media on Wood

8 x 8"

This body of work explores the beauty of mark-making for writing various languages. The flowing lines, as well as the sharp angles of japanese writing inspire me. Living in Japan, I was surrounded by advertising that I could not comprehend. I could speak bits and pieces of Japanese but was unable to read any of it. So to my mind these large scale signs and print media were fascinating artwork with stories to tell. Japanese words originally were pictograms and logograms with the alphabet being developed later. My series Vineas seeks to recreate this beauty of language-based linework, using ink, colored pencil and other mixed media.


Chad Mize

Spraypaint on Woodcut

14 x 12"

One of my positives in 2020 was buying a home. Feeling safe at home and comfort with my loved ones during this interesting time in life is a good feeling.


Alexis Ellis

Clay & Mixed Media

2 x 9 x 8"

As a classically trained potter used to making functional porcelain and stoneware vessels, This year I was lucky enough to turn my stay at home orders into a stay at home residency and start to expand my skill set into sculpture. My primary targets were my rats, who were very pleased to model for me.


Betsey Orbe Lester

Mixed Media

13 x 13"

This surrogate portrait confronts my—and perhaps your--- archetypes
who make a home, says Jung, in our unconscious.
Modeling our behavior, such archetypes dwell, rent-free, in us. Wearing
different disguises, they may be friendly friends or psychic predators.
“Mask up” and take an archetype to virtual lunch today…Herewith is
The Enthusiast, one of ten archetypes in the series, Family Album.
Re: Something 2020
A good 2020 happening.... HOME
A reconnect to home. The place where we hang our hats and our hearts,
not in a place, but a moment in our Family Album.


Nancy Cohen

Oil on Canvas

11 x 11"

2020 …Solitude brought insight, simple pleasures gave us more joy, separation made us fully appreciate the warmth of human connection.  Love survived.


Shys Art Studio


12 x 15"

This mixed media watercolor painting includes bright colors that bring a sense of warmth and happiness. The two girls represent the relationship of our fellow man and how we have all come together this year. It represents how we stood up for each other and how it doesn’t matter what race, sexuality or gender you are. There are so many people who have your back. You are beautiful no matter what.
   This painting is done with watercolors, colored pencils, Poska pens and white gel pens.



Lauren Gentry

Acrylic & Roaving

4.5 x 3.75" each


I am a self-taught artist, a special education art teacher, and a life-long learner with no formal art education. I began creating miniature paintings early on during lockdown. I enjoyed the success I felt when working on a small scale and soon had a handful of tiny pictures. I named my collection Quaran“Teenies.” The series on display is an expression of my feelings throughout the last few months. I try to look for the positive side in situations, and although we are not out of the woods yet, there are always things to be thankful for, even if they are the tiniest of things.



Pedro Hernandez

Mixed Media on Canvas

12 x 12"

I decided to do this piece of Kamala Harris because for me, it is one of the most positive things that have happened this year. The United States people voted to have the first woman of color as Vice President also a daughter of immigrants to hold that position. There is a lot to heal in this country right now but after this election I think we’re on the right path.


Daniel "R5" Barojas

Acrylic & pencil

14 x 14"

This is the imaginary shaman of the PMA - Positive Mental Attitude reminding us to keep the "vibes up". Perception is a powerful tool, may we all harness it towards prosperity.


Patricia Kluwe Derderian

Acrylic & Charcoal

13 x 13"


When I paint I let my feelings guide me while I play with color, letting the energy flow and the painting tell me what it wants to be.

In my series of cities the real subject is the people, very loosely represented, but the real creators of the place with their energy and movement.

But in 2020, while our cities were empty, I stayed at home and went looking through my memories for that feeling of joy, that vibration… 

What came to me were precious childhood memories… at the same time, so strong and so faded away. What lasts is exactly what matters to me. That feeling, that energy you feel when you are with someone without the details and diversions our eyes can see.

For this piece, I used the same technique to capture moments during the extra time we had to stay at home together as a family and the magic of simple things like popcorn and movie time. 



Pamela Bulu


12 x 12"

 I started working from home in March, and I will probably still be home when March arrives again. Brewing a pot of coffee in the morning is efficient, but stepping away from my desk to make a few cups in my petite French press became ritual. I’ve explored different roasts and roasters. I’ve branched out into teas. I have not captured the camaraderie of walking to the coffeeshop with my coworkers, but I have re-discovered something equally precious: there is beauty in making something—even something temporary—with my own hands. There is peace in making time to comfort myself. Relief printing gives me the same satisfaction. I made this piece to celebrate the warmth of the steam, the murmur of water boiling, the way the grounds swirl, and the quiet but immense impact of a routine that makes me happy.


Teresa Mandala


12 x 12"

Transformation is a universal constant and the year 2020 has highlighted that with its unexpected journeys and revelations. In my isolation I found myself connecting more with other people and with nature. Distance no longer separated us. The pause allowed me to become hyper-aware of the earth’s rhythms and how everything is connected and constantly evolving. At the core of transformation there is substance even when there is chaos. Instead of resisting it, we can regard it as an opportunity to grow.


Alea Hurst

Acrylic on Panel

12 x 12"


Eutierria refers to the state of becoming one with nature, where all distinctions between yourself and the world around you disintegrate and no longer exist. Leaving behind all the anxieties of modern life, a sense of calm overtakes you, and you become a part of the sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural world.

This past year has been tumultuous to say the least. I found myself drained by the uncertainty and adversity that faced us. As the world came to a halt, I found a sense of peace by spending my time in nature, whether taking weekly hikes or planting a garden. I found many people took refuge in nature to escape the turmoil as I did. Rekindling that connection to nature we had lost in the constant flurry of our modern lives caused us to put down our screens and slow down. It taught us to enjoy the moment and the beauty around us. This not only benefitted us but nature itself. Without the constant hustle and bustle, the smog cleared from the air. The world could breathe again, and sights long lost to the haze reappeared. I painted this piece as a reflection on the connection with nature many of us experienced this year and a reminder to carry it with us as the world once again begins turning.



Brittany J

Photography on Canvas

12 x 8"

2020 came in like a silent hurricane. Before the pandemic, my personal life was already shifting in ways I was not prepared. 2020 took so much away from me personally, but it gave me something that I did not know I would get-- emotional freedom. Emotional freedom as a Black woman is revolutionary, and this year I witnessed not just myself but also the women closest to me embrace their tears, rejecting and destroying the strong Black woman dynamic. Through tears, death and loss, we found freedom in our emotions as Black women and that is life saving.